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We take the Hassle out of Selling your home  

At Couture Realty, we’ll sell your home for free! With our hassle free home listings service, we’ll sell your home for free when you use Erica Kador as your REALTOR® for your next home purchase. It’s that simple.

  • Ready to move and need to sell your home? If you purchase your new home with Couture Realty, we will waive our listing commission.

  • In turn saving you THOUSANDS IN COMMISSION!

  • If you sell your property yourself while it is listed you’ll pay no commission.*

  • Cancel the listing at any time with no penalties.

  • You or our Brokerage can cancel by calling and saying “I/we want to cancel the listing.” The cancellation becomes effective immediately. Please allow two business days to have the sign removed and withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.

  • No advance fees of any kind.

  • You only pay if we procure an offer that’s acceptable to you.

  • No Pressure from outside agents if you work with Couture Realty.**

The only out of pocket expense is the Selling Agent commission, which will be due at the time of the closing. The Selling Agent is the agent who represents the Buyer of your home.

With No Hassle Home Listings we take the hassle out of selling your home! We want you to enjoy all the benefits of For Sale By Owner without all of the headache and fees. Let us work with you and receive the following benefits:

  • Save Thousands in REALTOR® Fees

  • ZeroUpfront Cost

  • No FSBO Listing Fees

  • No Long Term Contract

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

  • Full-Service Brokerage Working For You

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*This does not apply to a buyer who was exposed to the property by our office or another agent. (Applies to your family, coworkers and friends) If you need assistance, we can oversee the contract and walk it through the closing process for 1 percent commission.

**We will never allow you to be “pressured” by the Selling Agent. All offers will be faxed or delivered to our office, and we will present the offer to you, so that you can make your decision privately.

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